This is the Afghan-American Conference.

The 3rd Annual Afghan-American Conference Will Take Place April 28 - April 30, 2017 in Washington, DC at George WAshington University.


Applications are now closed. Thank you!


Participant Testimonials

“AAC has been the most uplifting and inspiring experience I’ve ever had being involved in the Afghan-American community.”
“Not Afghan enough and not American enough—never in my 28 years until I attended this conference.”
“I can say without an ounce of a doubt that this weekend was life changing for me.”
“I am now confident that the next generation will be a force to reckon with in this country and that we will collectively pursue a better future for Afghanistan.”

Photography Courtesy of Daud Kabiri, Wayve Media, and Obaid Hofiani


Our event is equal parts professional, cultural, spiritual, social, and personal. It is a holistic event consisting of keynote speeches, professional panels, skill-building workshops, roundtable discussions, safe space caucuses, town halls, and more.

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Join our exclusive Afghan-American professional network that aims to provide a platform to share resources, advice, career opportunities, and to provide skills-based trainings for its members.

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