Task Forces

Groups of 4-10 members of the Afghan community who will carry out action-oriented research and community projects to support our diaspora.

Why Task Forces?

  • To make an impact on issues that matter to you
  • To remain engaged in issues brought up during AAC throughout out the year
  • To utilize connections made during AAC and serve the greater Afghan diaspora

What do Task Forces do?  

  • Identify

  • Research specific issues and challenges facing Afghan-Americans
  • Synthesize possible solutions into action items
  • Act

  • Build and collaborate on existing community efforts
  • Put research into actionable change
  • Create short-term and long-term projects

2016 Task Forces:

  • Refugee & Immigrant Resettlement: Supporting newly arrived immigrants from Afghanistan
  • Civic Engagement: Increasing political, social, and community-building initiatives                     
  • Reclaiming the Afghan-American Identity: Promote the understanding and awareness of Afghan American culture and experience
  • Promoting Mental Health & Well-Being: Preventing, reducing, and supporting issues of physical and mental health
  • Sexual Harassment & Assault Prevention: Education, awareness, intervention tools around issues of sexual harassment, assault, and also including domestic violence

How to get involved?

At this time AAC Task Forces are full and will no longer be accepting applications.

Contact TaskForceAAC@gmail.com for questions or more information.