To download a copy of the agenda, please click here.


9:00 am     Registration

10:30 am   Opening Plenary Sessions

  • Introduction & Norms

  • S.E.E.D. Talk

12:00 pm   Lunch with Your Cohort

1:15 pm Jummah Prayer/Break

2:15 pm      Breakout Block I: Culture & Connections

  • Be-a-10 at Attan; Poetry: Afghanistan’s Rich Tradition; Afghan Music: Artistry & History; Theft of History: Afghanistan, Cold War, & Jihadism; Healthy Afghan Living; On the Ground in Afghanistan

3:40 pm     Breakout Block II: Leadership & Skill Building

  • Women in the Workplace; Degree to Career; Finance & Investment; Branding; Navigating Undergrad

5:15 pm Breakout Block III: Community Part I

  • Dating & Courtship; Positive Masculinity; Marriage; For the Cultures: Dating, Marrying, and Raising Kids Across the Cultures and Faiths; Civic Engagement: Immigration; Mental Health & Self-Care; Responsibility to Our Homeland; Outlets for Creative Expression - Afghan American Artists and Writers Association; Spirituality: All Paths Lead to Love

6:45 pm     Dinner

8:00 pm Evening Plenary

  • S.E.E.D. Talk

  • Keynote Address

9:00 pm Friday End


9:00 am     Registration

10:00 am   Morning Plenary Session

  • Introduction to the Day

  • Ishaq Scholarship

  • S.E.E.D. Talks

11:20 am    Group Photo

12:05 pm    Breakout Block IV: Professional Roundtables

  • Arts & Media; Consulting; Education; Entrepreneurship; Finance; Government & Policy; Health Professionals; Law; Medicine; STEM

1:15 pm Lunch

2:25 pm     Breakout Block V: Community Part II

  • Between the Hyphen; Gender Dynamics; Supporting the Elderly; Manifesting Healthy Relationships; Integrating New Immigrants; Parenting; Mental Health & Self Care; Separation & Divorce; Myth of a Good Muslim

4:00 pm     Breakout Block VI: Brave Spaces*

  • Ethnic & Religious Minorities; afgLGBTQ; Making Space for Atheist and Agnostic Afghans; #MeToo; Addiction; Mental Health; Invisible & Visible Disabilities; Domestic Violence

5:40 pm     Recharge/Break

6:05 pm Cohort Meeting

7:15 pm    Banquet

  • Dinner

  • AAC Scholarship & Aid-Work Stipend

  • Performances

10:00 pm Saturday End

*BRAVE SPACES house difficult conversations impacting our community. These spaces allow those who are not necessarily affected by any of these issues to listen, be uncomfortable, and challenge themselves. 

DAY 3  

9:30 am      Morning Plenary

10:05 am    Breakout Block VII: Gender Caucuses*

  • Male Caucus; Female Caucus

11:05 am Recharge/Break

11:30 am    Mixed Gender Townhall

12:40 pm    Lunch

1:45 pm      Breakout Block VIII: Action Planning

  • DMV; NorCal; SoCal; South/Midwest/Int’l/Other

3:10 pm      Cohort Debrief

4:10 pm       Closing Ceremony

5:15 pm Day 3 End

*GENDER CAUCUSES will be a designated "safe space" for each respective group. For example, only those who identify as Female will be permitted to participate in the Female Gender Caucus. Our goal is to have discussions about sensitive topics in each caucus. The conversations will remain within that space to encourage open, honest dialogue without fear of judgment.




Thank you to all of our speakers, panelists, and participants from previous years. Download our Agendas below: