A brainchild of the 2015 Afghan-American Conference, we're very excited to launch AAConnect.

What is AAConnect?

AAConnect is an exclusive Afghan-American professional network that aims to provide a platform for members to share resources, advice, career opportunities, and to provide skills-based trainings for its members.

What does AAConnect provide?

AAConnect members will benefit from:

  • A membership base of Afghan professionals from legal, banking, consulting, finance, corporate development, entrepreneurship government, non-profit and other related & similar fields
  • Skills-based training events which include podcasts and forums with industry leaders
  • Access to a network of global job postings
  • Social-networking and mentorship opportunities

How is AAConnect different from AMP?

The Afghan Mentorship Program (AMP) is a community-driven organization dedicated to helping Afghan youth pursue higher education. AMP connects Afghan-American youth, mostly high school students, to successfully qualified Afghan-American mentors who can provide the advice and guidance they need. AAConnect is focused on catering to Afghan professionals who want to advance their careers.  

How do I join AAConnect?

All AAC attendees and alumni are automatically enrolled in AAConnect, unless they choose to opt out.  If you did not attend AAC, please register below and we will email you the application to apply for AAConnect.